True heroism

In the first sentence of her wonderful book Invisible Heroes, Belleruth Naparstek writes, “I think heroes are people who do good or necessary things at great personal cost.  Heroism must be judged by the courage and grit required to do what needs doing” (p. xv).   I very much agree.   This statement reminds me of the many individuals I have known, who have had great, hidden obstacles to overcome.   Depression, loneliness, grief, anxiety, addiction,   shame.  Or any one of many other heartaches or sorrows.

We all have struggled with such sorrows at some time or other.  Suffering is an inescapable part of life.  I want to sincerely honor and thank anyone reading this for all the times you have borne up under your own burdens with faith and courage.  That is true heroism!  Visible or not to you, the outcome of your own struggles has a profound influence on the rest of us.  I have often been deeply touched — even inspired — by the fortitude of others during times of great difficulty for them, and by what they became in the process.

So for today, just a word of heartfelt encouragement:  if for any reason things seem dark, hold on!  You can find light again.  Healing is possible, and as real as your suffering.  There are actual principles of healing that will lead you there.  And there is a loving God who cares deeply for you and will help you.    — Dave

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