Depression Counseling

There are many different shades of depression, and everyone is different.   Low self-esteem, low motivation, loneliness, irritability, lack of direction, even suicidal thoughts are some common symptoms.   Depression affects every aspect of your life.  You are never enough.  Everyday tasks and occurrences are overwhelming.   You don’t enjoy life.  You are more vulnerable to addictions.  The negative thoughts and feelings are relentless.  It can be deeply exhausting and depleting.

You are not alone.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 9.5% of the adult American population experiences some form of clinical depression, while almost 20.8% will experience depression in their lifetimes.

Trying to overcome depression alone is much like trying to repair a vehicle with faulty tools – it simply doesn’t work, and the longer the deficit (depression) goes unrepaired, the more it actually damages you, the vehicle!

Fortunately, we know that depression is highly treatable with the right help and strategies.   People who have lived in darkness even for years really can and do find light and joy!  As a psychotherapist, I work with clients in a safe, accepting environment to help them understand the factors contributing to their depression, and to help them live a life they value.  Together, we then implement a treatment strategy that addresses their specific needs.

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