Anxiety & Depression Counseling

We live in fast-paced, turbulent times, and virtually all of us experience some stress or discouragement.  But when the stress or discouragement become deeply ingrained and lasting, anxiety and depression have set in.   Both impair problem-solving and over time produce major emotional, spiritual, social, physiological, and even financial consequences. 

Problematic anxiety takes many forms, from generalized worry, to social anxiety, to other phobias, to avoidance of anything associated with a past trauma (often known Post-traumatic Stress), to obsessions and compulsions.  Anxiety can be described as the psychological sense that “something bad is going to happen.”  Anxiety can paralyze us, isolate us, prevent us from taking action, make us vulnerable to addictions, generate more fear over time, and exhaust and deplete us, leading to depression. 

A close cousin of anxiety, depression is the sense that “something bad has happened.”    Like anxiety, there are many different shades of depression:   Shame, poor self-esteem, low motivation, loneliness, irritability, lack of direction, even suicidal thoughts are some common symptoms.   Depression affects every aspect of your life.  You are never enough.  Everyday tasks and occurrences are overwhelming.   You don’t enjoy life.  You may be caught up in addictions.  The negative thoughts and feelings are relentless.  It can be deeply exhausting and depleting. 

If you experience anxiety or depression, you are not alone.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 18.1% of the adult American population experiences some form of anxiety disorder, while 28.8% will do so in their lifetimes.   Similarly, 9.5% of the population experiences some form of clinical depression, while almost 20.8% will experience depression in their lifetimes.

Trying to overcome major anxiety or depression alone is an overwhelming, inefficient, and usually fruitless endeavor.   Much like trying to repair a vehicle with inadequate tools, it simply doesn’t work, and the longer the vehicle goes unrepaired, the more you, the vehicle, are damaged!  

Fortunately, most anxiety and depression is highly treatable with the right help and strategies.  Our clinical interventions include mindfulness training, Schema Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, spiritual interventions, and EMDR – which is especially helpful for many trauma, including PTSD.  People who have lived in fear and darkness really can and do find confidence and peace, light and joy!   

As a psychotherapist, I work with clients in a safe, accepting environment to help them understand the factors contributing to their anxiety or depression, get in touch with what they deeply value, and implement strategies to help them make the wonderful shift from fear and heaviness, to love and joy!   

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