A note to readers:  I have decided to continue my list of “Depression-Busters” just one at a time. This will allow me to focus more on each, to post more often, and to make each one more “bite-size” and easily digestible.   Also, though I neglected to specify this earlier, these posts are just as applicable and helpful for generalized worry and anxiety!  All that is needed is a little faith and a willingness to take action.  Please feel free to comment!  

Be the Best You.  I have seen many clients who have wondered why it is that they can live “the Gospel” and yet still be so unhappy.   One thing to consider is that the absence of harmful practices by itself was never calculated to bring us happiness; indeed, as Neal A. Maxwell once said, the “Thou Shalt Not’s” are merely “misery prevention.”  Happiness is more closely aligned with what we DO.  In that light, how we choose to focus our time and energies can actually make all the difference.  This can be the difference between feeling happy and purposeful and fulfilled on one hand; or on the other hand feeling lost, scattered, bored, stuck, or depressed. 

As has been said, we have a limited amount of time, and it is our privilege to choose Good, Better, or Best.  In making these choices, I love the words of Henry David Thoreau:  “Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows.”  To me, this means that I will always be more happy and fulfilled when I actively follow the light my Heavenly Father has given me, including and perhaps especially, the dreams and passions and gifts which he has given me.  

Any of us will go crazy or burn out if we try to do everything.  We will be miserable if we try to be someone else.   And we will be constantly frustrated and lose our zest for life if we allow ourselves to be distracted by less important things.  But when we put our fears aside — even if just a little to begin with — and let our Heavenly Father guide our steps in becoming just what we were meant to be, we will find, with time and practice, that we are living purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling lives!      

Warmest Regards!  

— Dave

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