NOTE:  These tips are just as useful for generalized anxiety, worry, or everyday stress management!

Enjoy a Few Laughs!  A couple weeks ago, I was with my three kids sitting around the kitchen table, just before starting dinner.  We were talking and joking, and something — I don’t remember what — got us all laughing really hard.  It was one of those where you don’t even remember what you are laughing about, but you see the other person laughing and it just makes you laugh harder.  The four of us were bobbing up and down uncontrollably when Connie walked in to join us for dinner.  She just smiled and looked at us with one of those, “Have you guys totally lost it?” looks.

After we had all settled down, we all seemed to feel closer to one another.  It was as if we had shared a special moment together.   Everything seemed lighter, easier.  After dinner, the kids were even more cooperative with kitchen cleanup!

Ever notice how freely children laugh?  And at the most inconvenient times too — laughing even harder when a parent or a teacher tries to get them to settle down!  When was the last time you laughed like that – I mean a real belly laugh, the kind that makes you cry and makes your cheeks hurt?

Much recent mental health research has “informed” us of what our children already knew – that laughing makes us feel good!  And not just for the moment – it actually can increase the production of “happy chemicals” in our brains, making life a little brighter.  Laughter can ease existing tension.  It brings us closer to one another.

For these and other reasons, the ability to laugh is serious business!  Life got you stressed out?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Discouraged? Try 2 episodes of I Love Lucy and call me in the morning!

Warmest Regards!


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