Christmas 2016

This year we moved from our home in city center (where we lived for 9 years) to a home in the Ranches.  Though we are 15 minutes closer to all stores and civilization, we are still in the same city of Eagle Mountain.

David is nearing the end of an extended physical therapy for some muscle tears and is learning and growing in the private therapy practice.  We are all enjoying that he is home more with his shorter commute.  He plans to expand his practice to some on-line work soon.  It will show up on this site when it starts.

Connie is still the behind-the-scenes person for most everything in the business and home.  The flexibility in all of that fits well with her and her schedule.  She has enjoyed re-working this website for the business and starting a blog (very recently) for herself at  The creative outlet has been refreshing and fun for her!

Sierra lives about 10 minutes away from us.  She has worked full-time at Best Buy all year.  She plans to continue to work there part-time but wants to move on to other adventures as well.  She will start a new job shortly after Christmas.

Caleb is in 11th grade and loves basketball.  He also enjoys dating, keeping up on the sports world, and playing sports of all kinds whenever he can.  He did his Eagle Project this summer (the week after we moved), gathering school supplies and soccer gear for refugees.  It was a highlight for all of us when, together, we were able to distribute all the things that had been collected.  It was humbling and gave us perspective on just how blessed we are.

Sydney is in 8th grade and loves to dance.  She still takes piano but dance is her biggest pleasure.  It is a delight to watch her grow in develop in her skills.  She also loves school, reading, and hanging out with her friends!

We are all grateful for this season of the year and for our Savior who came to earth to both live and die for us, so that we can live eternally as a family someday.


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!